mayor dirty davis is bad for bayonne

Mayor Dirty Jimmy Davis is Failing the Citizens of Bayonne.

Increased crime. Higher taxes. Skyrocketing water bills. Dirty streets. Poor leadership.

Dirty Davis’ administration has been fraught with scandal and failure since the beginning. From abuse allegations to sweetheart deals with big developers, Dirty Davis is steering Bayonne down a dark, dirty road. And he’s taking us with him.

Call 201-858-6010 and tell Jimmy Davis to stop making Bayonne dirty


In Dirty Davis’ first year in office, Bayonne residents faced a nearly 3% property tax increase. Since then, he has continued to leave Bayonne’s current residents in the dust, favoring expensive, high-end developments to attract new, wealthy residents, all while increasing property taxes and the city’s debt.

These flashy developments strain city services and exacerbate parking problems, and current residents are expected to foot the bill while Dirty Davis gives tax breaks to big developers. When the city is already struggling to serve its existing residents, why are we expected to take on the tax burden of these new developments?

If that’s not enough, Dirty Davis expects Bayonne residents to pay $100 million to let a for-profit entity take over Bayonne Medical Center through eminent domain, just to let his friends and campaign donors operate the hospital and lease the land at a discounted rate.


Dirty Davis is more concerned with sweetheart deals than with Bayonne’s serious trash problem. In June, he pushed through a multi-million dollar garbage collection contract to his friend and campaign donor, despite numerous resident complaints that their garbage was not being collected. This was after the campaign donor (and owner of the garbage collection company) “gifted” Bayonne a $64,000 truck as the city was looking for a new garbage collector.

This is no coincidence -- Dirty Davis is prioritizing his campaign bank account above the wellbeing of Bayonne residents.


Dirty Davis has faced multiple lawsuits alleging improper behavior in the workplace, including gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and sending sexually charged text messages to a subordinate. The hostile “boys club” culture that he has cultivated in his office does not and should not represent the residents of Bayonne.

When our city’s reputation and our residents’ well being is at risk, we must act. Dirty Davis is bad for Bayonne.

Call 201-858-6010 and tell Jimmy Davis to stop making Bayonne dirty